Tony Walne is giving away his Family 14 Dinghy

Tony Walne would like to give away his sailing dinghy to any club member for a donation to club funds of £20.

It’s a Family 14 dinghy, a bit like a GP14. 14 feet long, fibreglass and gaff rigged. It rows well and has a bracket for an outboard.

Tony reports that it sails well and he has had lots of fun with it the Sound but it’s too heavy now for him to pull up the slipway on his own. So he would like someone else to enjoy it.

He says “It’s currently at the Hub Club boat park, upside down on the right-hand side at the top. There’s a launching trolley with it, some oars and 2 old scruffy covers. If someone wants it, they are welcome to turn it over and have a look (it’s heavy so you’ll need 2 or 3 people to do this). The trolley is collapsible, underneath the dinghy and you’ll need to re-assemble it. I have some of the bits here (sails, tiller, rudder).”

Go to the For Sale & Wanted page on the club website for more information.

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