Mooring Barge Repaired and Ready for Winter Work!

The new barge transom – crafted by Andy Morton

Thanks are owed to the skilled efforts by Andy Morton, Ian Brooks, Mark Reynolds and Rob Kirby who worked on the barge last Friday.

The superb new transom, made by Andy, has been fitted and the serviced outboard re-installed, connected up and the Mooring Barge is returned to service and ready for work again next week.

Also 2 new strops made by Dick have now been fitted so it is secure on its mooring again.

The team involved with barge repairs this year was:

  • Andy Morton transom manufacture & supply.
  • Ian Brooks skillfully helping Andy with the fitting.
  • Rob Kirby labour
  • Mark Reynolds connecting up the engine.
  • Matthew Newton project supervision, coordination and labour.
  • Jim Barnes & Mike Street cut lengths of chain & brought them down the day before.
  • Martin Hunter, Doug Hinge & Dick Brown spotted & made the barge safe earlier in the week when a strop failed.
  • John Mawer improved the steering & electrics on a previous day.

A big Thank You to all involved for your help in returning this essential piece of club equipment to full working order!

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