Special Mooring Barge Duty Last Weekend

Cutting a large and very heavy tree off club member, Andy Anderson’s mooring

Last Saturday the club’s mooring barge was put to work on some novel tasks.

  • They upgraded two members’ moorings by fitting brand new orange Hippo buoys made from solid foam with a top ring.
  • They wrangled a very large tree away from Andy Anderson’s mooring. The tree had become wrapped round the mooring and showed no signs of moving on its own accord. So it was painstakingly cut off in several pieces.
  • Then they headed off to South Hooe to cut the upper limbs off another tree that was stuck in the mud in deep water and threatening to be a hazard to vessels navigating the river.
Fitting a new bright orange Hippo mooring buoy

Luckily the weather was fine and a successful conclusion to the work was much appreciated by all those involved.

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