Our First Winter Talk – 50°S to 50°N or Falklands to Blighty!

John and Sue Chadwick will be giving our first Winter Talk on Monday 14th February at Bere Alston Bowling Club starting at 7:30pm.  Bar open from 7:00pm.  Entry fee £2.

This is the return leg of the voyage, begun in 2016 from the Tamar, that took John and Sue and Dandelion down to Spain and Portugal, through the Atlantic islands and on to Brazil and ultimately into the Beagle Channel at the very bottom of South America and the stormy waters of Tierra del Fuego.

This leg will take us from Stanley back up to Brazil, French Guyana, Suriname and on to the Caribbean, the Turks and Caicos, Cuba and the Azores before making finally landfall off the Lizard in 2019.

We shall hear about the usual cocktail of: bad weather, awkward authorities and gear breakages with one or two startling encounters with local fauna!

Please Note that as a fundraiser for our Junior Sailors’ Tall Ships voyage we will be selling snacks and cakes before and after the talk.  So please bring your spare change to support this life changing voyage.  £3 a plate of snacks + 50p a cake.  There will also be raffle tickets for sale.

Come along and join us if you can!

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