Problem Jet-skis on the Tamar (again)

These photos were taken by our Social Secretary, Steve Hipsey from his yacht at Weir Quay yesterday. Steve and a number of others in the Tamar Safety WhatsApp group observed 3 jet-skis travelling along the river at speeds far in excess of the 10 knots allowed, swerving in and out of the moorings and endangering both kayakers and swimmers. The incident was reported to the MOD Police by several members of the group along with photo and video evidence they had gathered from Cargreen, Weir Quay and Calstock. The MOD police intercepted the 3 jet-skiers when they returned down-river and were very glad to have received the statements and evidence. This was a great example of teamwork from those who want to ensure the safety of all who enjoy waterborne activities on the River Tamar.

In an attempt to reduce this type of anti-social behaviour, the Port of Plymouth have asked all jet-ski (also known as Personal Water Craft) owners to join their registration scheme before using their PWCs on any waterway under their jurisdiction. Prior to registering, owners must have read and understood the PWC code of conduct and other local legislation. It is hoped that the majority of PWC owners will take part in this scheme. In the meantime, Tamar Safety will continue to monitor the situation and report dangerous activity when it is observed.

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