Speeding Jet Skis at Weir Quay


Following our Commodore’s message of the 6th June there have been further developments with the issue of speeding craft on our stretch of the River Tamar and indeed throughout Plymouth Sound.

Many of you will have seen press and TV articles recently reporting anti-social and illegal behaviour of jet skiers throughout the South West.

Following representations through the appropriate channels, Plymouth QHM acknowledge that the issue has been getting out of hand and have resolved to take immediate action. As a result on several occasions recently the MOD Police ribs have been tasked to incidents involving speeding jet skis – including two incidents that took place yesterday at Weir Quay.

In order to speed up the MOD Police response we have been asked to report all incidents directly to them on 01752 553384. Please consider storing this number on your mobile phone to help speed up the process.

In addition, photos and videos should be sent to Loiuse Trickey at louise.trickey@mod.gov.uk

Please only film and report if it is safe to do so and always avoid any confrontation with the crews.

Port Control can also be called when afloat on VHF Channel 14 using either of the call-signs “Longroom” or “Flag”.

There is a report form on the QHM Plymouth web site which is particularly useful for incidents involving Personal Watercraft (jet skis): https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/qhm/plymouth/report-an-incident

Your submission is automatically included in the day’s activity log and subsequently reviewed by QHM senior officers.

It would also be helpful to copy your complaints to our local councillors, Steve Hipsey (steve.gzad.hipsey@gmail.com) or Robin Musgrave (robmus@btinternet.com)

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