2nd Winter Talk – ‘NOT a Voyage for Madmen’

A Talk by John and Sue Chadwick

Bere Alston Bowling Club – Monday 17th February at 19:30 bar opens from 19:00

ALL WELCOME £1 payable at the door (to cover room hire)

‘NOT a Voyage for Madmen’ is about an ordinary sailing couple going long-distance cruising….if ‘ordinary’ is a 21,000 mile, 3 year voyage across the North and South Atlantic!  They claim it is a not story about monstrous waves, hurricanes, capsizes, but the truth may be even more daring!

Dandelion departing Weir Quay, bound for Tierra Del Fuego

Experienced sailors, John and Sue Chadwick decided to set sail in their Pan Oceanic 46, Dandelion, round Cape Horn and back.  They set off in 2016 on this adventure. “We weren’t pitchpoled, dismasted, attacked by pirates or capsized” John says, but the story of their adventure is as gripping as any you will hear.

Another adventurous couple!

Setting sail south to Spain, Portugal, Madeira, the Cape Verdes and then across the Atlantic to Brazil. In 2017 they cruised Brazil and the remote and tortuous rivers of Salvador. They pressed on to Uruguay and into the River Plate and put into Buenos Aires for storm repairs. 2018 saw them cruise further south to Argentina, Patagonia and to anchor in Bahia Buen Suceso in Tierra del Fuego. It was here they lost their kedge anchor – just like Captain Cook. Then on to the Beagle Channel, Cape Horn and the Falklands. They then followed a passage north to the Caribbean and back across the Atlantic returning in September 2019. 

This is their account of that trip!

And you can read more about their adventures through the following link:

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Spot the boat!
Isla del Estados

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