Bob Turner Memorial Bench

Anne Turner has presented a teak bench to the Hub Club site in memory of her husband, Bob Turner. The ceremony took place at our last Pop Up BBQ on Friday 26th July.

Bob was instrumental in starting the Tamar and Tavy Gig Club and was a keen supporter of youth sailing at Weir Quay.

The event was attended by members from both the Gig Club and the Sailing Club and by others who knew Bob.

Following a few words from our Commodore, Anne presented the bench and spoke about Bob’s love of water sports at Weir Quay.

Afterwards, there was one of the famous WQSC Pop Up Barbeques (P.U.B.s) where we all enjoyed the evening sunshine and the good company.

My thanks to Ian Kilpatrick and Rosie Hinge for the photographs and account of the event.

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