Is Dinky Dory #2 your tender?

An abandoned tender bearing the WQSC initials has been towed back to the Weir Quay Public Slipway after being found awash in Holes Hole.

The fibreglass dory has clearly been adrift for a considerable amount of time and has sustained considerable damage. It is now in what might be described as a state of “uneconomic repair” but has been secured to a tree to prevent it causing further risk to traffic in the river.

Both drain plugs to the cockpit were each stuffed with a thick twig, suggesting that the boat may have been stolen from the foreshore at some point in the past. A quick check of the members database has not revealed the identity of the owner. Does anyone know whois responsible for this vessel?

Your intrepid Webmaster, who towed the boat ashore, has waived any possible salvage rights……..


Dinky Dory was not claimed by anyone and the wreckage has now been removed from near the slipway and destroyed.

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