Membership Renewals Burst Into Life!

Today has seen the first round of automatic membership renewal reminders being sent from our new MemberMojo system. The system generated emails were sent out just after midnight and the first two renewals happened when a couple of night-owls were on their computers between 1.00am and 2.00am!

After 7.30am the renewals started coming thick and fast. A big thank-you to everyone for renewing so promptly.

The real benefit of the new system means that all of our membership administration happens automatically and, if you chose to pay online, even the treasurer’s payment reconciliation is done for him!

We will be sending out a printed version of the Events Calendar and a printed copy of the Membership directory once everyone has renewed their membership at the end of March. In the mean time you can download a pdf of the Events Calendar on the events programme of this website, or go to your MemberMojo page to see an online membership directory.

If you’ve yet to renew your membership and you’d like nothing more than a quick link to the MemberMojo site, here it is!

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