Help! Hints & tips for our website and email

Weir Quay Sailing Club uses 3 main digital systems; Our website (which you are viewing now), our Mailchimp email system and MemberMojo – our membership management system. Hints and tips on using each of these systems can be found below. is built in WordPress and hosted by It features information about our club for members and non-members alike. If you would like to be notified whenever we post new information to the website, please subscribe using the link that you will find at the foot of this page. Subscribers can also log into the site and make comments on posts and photos.

Members can also access the password protected Members’ Pages. The password will change each membership year at the beginning of April and the latest password will be found in the email from MemberMojo confirming your membership renewal. Most internet browsers will retain the password within their memory so you may return to password protected pages without re-entering the information. However if your device’s memory has been cleared for any reason, it may be necessary to re-enter it.

The biggest challenge in running any website is keeping the content fresh, relevant and interesting. We are always short of good photography and engaging content so if you have something that you’d like to share with your fellow members please email us at

The website automatically adjusts its display format to the device you are using to make viewing easy. It contains links to a number of weather and tide websites as well as links to Plymouth QHM in the cruising section so that it is easy to access this information from a tablet or smartphone when you are afloat.

MailChimp is the system that we use to send most of our emails to club members. The database of active members is updated once a month from our MemberMojo system so shortly after you join the club you will start receiving the latest club news and information about forthcoming events.

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time by simply clicking the “unsubscribe from this list” link at the foot of every MailChimp email. A word of warning though; by unsubscribing you may miss important club information and, due to GDPR considerations, opting back in again is not quite such a simple process.

MailChimp allows us to track whether our emails have been read or not and occasionally we will resend an email to members who may have missed it first time around. Tracking opening rates also allows us to see what information members want to see and helps us avoid bombarding you with irrelevant emails.

MemberMojo is the system that we use to manage our membership database, renewals and subscription payments. It also contains a directory of all WQSC members and their contact details. This information is only available to other WQSC members and is password protected.

The web address for our system is

There are two ways that you can log onto the system; either by using a password of your own choosing (you will need to remember or keep a secret record of it) or alternatively by requesting that a “Sign In” link be sent to the email associated with your membership. This link will usually reach your email account in seconds and will be valid for 2 hours.

Within MemberMojo you can update your membership details (including your preferred email address which will then update our MailChimp database), review your membership payments history, change or set your password, review the membership directory or even upload and download files associated with your membership profile.

The Member Files function is particularly used for storing your mooring inspection records and associated invoices.

Your MemberMojo account should be used to pay annual fees for training, storage and moorings and recent additions to the system mean that all your payments will be added together when you complete your membership renewal.

Please do not send a payment for storage or mooring fees without completing your request in the MemberMojo system.

Full details about making these payments and guidance on completing the annual renewal application can be found within the MemberMojo system. Please do take care to follow these guidance notes as it greatly reduces the administration burden for the various club officers – particularly our Treasurer who has the challenge of reconciling hundreds of payments to the club each year!

If you do need help in using our systems and can’y find the answers you’re looking for online, please contact the Membership & Website Officer at

Sending content for the website. We welcome news and content for the club website and particularly items for our “For Sale & Wanted” pages. Good photography is key to getting an enthusiastic response to For Sale ads so it is best to send us the highest resolution images that you have. If the files are likely to be too large foir your email service, we recommend sending everything via . The service is free up to a total transfer size of 2GB so should easily cover most needs. Please address the transfer to

If you are sending text files please do so in a standard word processing file such as Word or Pages, rather than in a .pdf file.