Is Dinky Dory #2 your tender?

An abandoned tender bearing the WQSC initials has been towed back to the Weir Quay Public Slipway after being found awash in Holes Hole.

The fibreglass dory has clearly been adrift for a considerable amount of time and has sustained considerable damage. It is now in what might be described as a state of “uneconomic repair” but has been secured to a tree to prevent it causing further risk to traffic in the river.

Both drain plugs to the cockpit were each stuffed with a thick twig, suggesting that the boat may have been stolen from the foreshore at some point in the past. A quick check of the members database has not revealed the identity of the owner. Does anyone know whois responsible for this vessel?

Your intrepid Webmaster, who towed the boat ashore, has waived any possible salvage rights……..


Dinky Dory was not claimed by anyone and the wreckage has now been removed from near the slipway and destroyed.

Weir Quay Cadets set sail on Leader

Our cadets’ Tall Ships trip got off to a flying start yesterday afternoon as the crew set sail from Brixham under sail.

Leader alongside in Brixham Harbour.

Leader was one of the largest of the Brixham sailing trawlers, known, despite their Ketch rig, as the ‘Big Sloops’.

Leader, at 105 feet in length overall (LOA) including bowsprit, and displacing 110 tonnes, is the largest and oldest of the three Trinity boats. She carries 3,150 sq ft of sail on a gaff ketch rig, measures 80 ft on deck, has a beam of 19 ft and a draught of 10 ft. She is one of the largest class of sailing trawler. She was built in 1892 at W. A. Gibbs’ yard at Galmpton on the River Dart in Devon.

Leader is owned and operated by the Trinity Sailing Foundation out of Brixham Harbour and you can find more information on her and Trinity’s other vessels at

Alan Duncan takes up the story; “The send off went well.  All arrived for the 14.00 appointed time and we were invited aboard; parents, siblings, etc.  The cadets soon found their bunks and the adults were allowed to walk around the vessel and speak to the crew; all very compact but well organised.  Soon the cadets assembled at the stern and were introduced to the crew, then the briefing started and the “extras” were expected to leave.  We had been told that they would take the “Leader” out into the bay and do a little sailing, before mooring to a buoy for the night.  Due to the wind, we were told that the following day they would sail east!  We had a good view of them, from the breakwater, hoisting the sails and setting off about 15.30.Katherine heard from Daisy that by 2230 they were settled in their bunks and a second at 0340, she had just finished her watch and was back in bed.”

Leader heads east toward her first overnight anchorage in Seaton Bay.

With easterly winds forecast for the week, Leader set a course tacking to the east and the cadets spent their first night afloat anchored in Seaton Bay. You can follow the progress of Leader and the WQSC Cadets on the Marine Traffic app available from the Apple App Store fo £4.99, from which these screen grabs were taken. Of course other marine tracking apps and plaforms are available…..

Another Steve Hipsey Mega Quiz!

Steve Hipsey’s unique approach to quiz organisation is famous throughout the area! Don’t miss the 2019 edition of his WQSC mega quiz.

Monday 15th April @ 19:30, Bere Alston Bowling Club (Bar open from 19:00)

Teams of up to six – £2.00 per member.

The quiz is open to all, not just sailing club members, so encourage your friends and neighbours to join in the fun.

WQSC Members Survey 2019

We are launching a survey of Weir Quay Sailing Club members to coincide with the start of the 2019 membership year. Our last survey of members was carried out in 2006, just after the club had started sharing its old facilities with the Tamar and Tavy Gig Club.

A lot has changed over the years and the club committee thought it high time we took stock of how those changes have affected the club. A paper copy of the survey has been mailed to all members with a copy of this year’s tide tables or you can complete the survey by clicking the link below;

The survey will be open until Sunday 19th May and we will publish the results of the survey as soon as we have them.

The survey is anonymous, so please feel free to tell us what you think!

A Letter From Our Commodore!

Now that the the new boathouse has been commissioned and is running smoothly, WQSC is looking for a director to join the Hub Club board to join 2 other sailing club nominated directors.

This letter, downloadable as a pdf file, explains more about the role.

Interested volunteers can contact the Commodore at:

Doug Hinge, Commodore, Weir Quay Sailing Club, c/o Rockhewn, Weir Quay, PL20 7BS Tel 01822 841734 E-mail

Membership Renewals Burst Into Life!

Today has seen the first round of automatic membership renewal reminders being sent from our new MemberMojo system. The system generated emails were sent out just after midnight and the first two renewals happened when a couple of night-owls were on their computers between 1.00am and 2.00am!

After 7.30am the renewals started coming thick and fast. A big thank-you to everyone for renewing so promptly.

The real benefit of the new system means that all of our membership administration happens automatically and, if you chose to pay online, even the treasurer’s payment reconciliation is done for him!

We will be sending out a printed version of the Events Calendar and a printed copy of the Membership directory once everyone has renewed their membership at the end of March. In the mean time you can download a pdf of the Events Calendar on the events programme of this website, or go to your MemberMojo page to see an online membership directory.

If you’ve yet to renew your membership and you’d like nothing more than a quick link to the MemberMojo site, here it is!

“Things That Go Bump In The Night”

Our 3rd Winter Talk tells the story of HMS Nottingham’s encounter with Wolf Rock near Lord Howe Island in 2002.

Captain Ian Groom MBE RN and Commander John Lea MBE RN Rtd tell the story

The talk begins at 19.30 on Monday 18th March at Bere Alston Bowling Club. Doors (and the bar) open at 19.00 and the event is open to members and non-members alike. A small payment of £1.00 to cover the room costs is requested at the door.

Cadets Pack Bags For Leader Trip

On Saturday a group of our cadets arranged a bag packing session on the tills at Morrisons to raise funds for their upcoming trip on the Brixham Trawler Leader. Sporting brand new WQSC hoodies bearing our new Avocet, the team also made good use of the club’s new promotional banner.

The bag packing raised the amazing sum of £521 and the cadets were wonderful ambassadors for the club. The next bag packing session is set for this weekend (Saturday 16th February) at the Tavistock branch of Tesco. The cadets will be on duty from 10.00 am until 2.00 pm.

The Trinity sailing Foundation’s Brixham Trawler – Leader

In addition to raising funds, the cadets activities also helped raise the profile of our club and there have been several enquiries about membership.


On Saturday 16th the Leader cadets enjoyed another successful session bag packing at Tavistock’s Tesco store.  Again the cadets were  great ambassadors for the club; helpful, polite and willing to talk to the customers.  It was considerably quieter at Tesco’s, but the customers were quite generous.  £274.71 was collected, bringing the total for the two days to an amazing £796.  A marvelous total.  Well done to all. Alan Duncan

Our New Burgees Are Here!

The more sharp eyed of our readers will have noted that the design of the Avocet on our club emblem has changed slightly. The new design has been incorporated in the club burgee and the first batch featuring the new style have now been delivered.

They are available in two sizes of 15″ & 18″.


15” Burgee         Price = £26.90

18” Burgee         Price = £29.30


Demand for our new burgees has been strong so we only have 3 of the 18” and 5 of the 15” left. Once these have all been allocated a new batch will be ordered.

Contact our club secretary Rosie Hinge to secure your new burgee.