Seagrass Protection – Jennycliff Bay Voluntary No-Anchor Zone

Queens Harbour Master Plymouth has published a Notice to Mariners 034/21.

This states that a project to regrow seagrass has commenced in the vicinity of Jennycliff Bay in Plymouth Sound.

Additional information can be found at

To protect the beds whilst they are establishing, mariners are requested not to anchor, lay marks or pots in the southern part of Jennycliff Bay within the area outlined by the orange polygon on the chart extract at Annex A.

Problem Jet-skis on the Tamar (again)

These photos were taken by our Social Secretary, Steve Hipsey from his yacht at Weir Quay yesterday. Steve and a number of others in the Tamar Safety WhatsApp group observed 3 jet-skis travelling along the river at speeds far in excess of the 10 knots allowed, swerving in and out of the moorings and endangering both kayakers and swimmers. The incident was reported to the MOD Police by several members of the group along with photo and video evidence they had gathered from Cargreen, Weir Quay and Calstock. The MOD police intercepted the 3 jet-skiers when they returned down-river and were very glad to have received the statements and evidence. This was a great example of teamwork from those who want to ensure the safety of all who enjoy waterborne activities on the River Tamar.

In an attempt to reduce this type of anti-social behaviour, the Port of Plymouth have asked all jet-ski (also known as Personal Water Craft) owners to join their registration scheme before using their PWCs on any waterway under their jurisdiction. Prior to registering, owners must have read and understood the PWC code of conduct and other local legislation. It is hoped that the majority of PWC owners will take part in this scheme. In the meantime, Tamar Safety will continue to monitor the situation and report dangerous activity when it is observed.

New Owners at Weir Quay Boatyard

As you may have been aware, Weir Quay Boatyard was recently put on the market.

It has now been announced that the Boatyard has been sold to a local family with strong boating interests and a passion for the local area.

The Acland family will be taking over WQB and retaining all the staff and will be led by father and daughter team, Harry and Georgie.   They have an exciting vision of maintaining the ethos of the working boatyard whilst improving the services offered to both the mooring holders and locals over the long term.

We have been informed that, going forward, it will be very much ‘business as usual’ with some interesting developments in the offing which will become apparent in the future.

Please join us in welcoming the Aclands and sharing their enthusiasm for the future of the Boatyard by offering your support where you can. They have already joined Weir Quay Sailing Club and will be keeping their Scow “Topsy” in the Hub Club Boat Park.

Video Archive: “Weir Quay S.C. Review 2003-2004”

Ian Kilpatrick has been rummaging in his archives and found a fascinating video from 2003-2004 showing the club in action!

Family sailing on the river in their Mirror dinghy

Cruisers meeting at Cellar Bay
More river sailing shots

The video runs for 10 minutes and shows our members in their dinghies and yachts out and about on the water locally. There is also a section with a gathering of Classic Yachts that are moored at Weir Quay.

If you would like to have a copy of this video, please contact me and I will happily e-mail it to you.

Rosie Hinge

Tel 01822 841734