The Tankard 19. Can anybody help?

The club has been contacted by Lisa Graves regarding a Tankard 19 which she has recently purchased.

The boat is believed to have been built in GRP by Tankard Yachts at Weir Quay in the 1970’s and may have been a continuation of a wooden design based on the Blackwater Sloop.

The Tankard 19 currently named “Prudence” was known as “Bali Hai” until 2002 and Lisa is keen to trace any previous owners or anyone with information about the class, the builder or the boat’s history. 

Prudence is now at Ron Cradick’s yard at St German’s and looks likely to be the subject of a major refit project.

For those unacquainted with Tankard Yachts and in particular its founder Brian Tankard, there is an interesting article on the Weir Quay Boatyard website by their shipwright Saul Thomas remembering Brian, the original founder of the boatyard. The article can be found here;

If any of this has jogged your memory and you can help Lisa in her quest to learn more about her boat, you can email her directly at or and we will pass your information on to her.

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